The Last: Naruto the Movie: Haruno Sakura | Render by {x}
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step 1: don’t hate uzumaki naruto
step 2: if step 1 failed, stay at least 30 meters away from me at any given moment 

You know, Damon once told me that he promised you an eternity of misery, and I remember thinking, “Well, what could his brother have ever done to inspire so much hatred?” But now I get it.

"What kind of coward gives up on his own brother."
— Enzo - The Vampire Diaries, 6x02, Yellow Ledbetter (via hookaye)
"You’re a dick"
— Best thing caroline has ever said in the history of ever (via because-of-you-stefan)


Never getting over the fact that the necklace Stefan gave to Elena to keep Damon out of her head is the very thing that let him into her heart.